Aug, 2022
Bishop Terry’s August Voice column

I hope that the summer months have been good for you. It is wonderful that we will be able to celebrate the Mass of the Assumption at the Lady Chapel on Sunday August 14 this year.

It is even more auspicious as we will have the joy and pleasure of the presence of Bishop John Crowley, our emeritus bishop. He has agreed to preach at the Mass. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

One of the other important times for the Lady Chapel has always been around the feast of Our Lady’s birthday. On September 7 1614, Little Lady Day, a group of some 16 pilgrims were arrested at the Lady Chapel.

They had come to venerate Our Blessed Lady here, even though the place had fallen into disrepair after the dissolution of the monasteries; there was no roof, and the chapel was in ruins. The authorities got wind of it and came from York to arrest them for praying here. 

In our days, we have the privilege of being able to pray freely and openly at the Lady Chapel and indeed anywhere we feel able.

To celebrate Our Lady’s birthday this year, and in memory of the group of arrested pilgrims, I will celebrate Mass at the Lady Chapel on Saturday September 10 at 3pm. I invite you to join me there. 

In order to keep the Lady Chapel open and in a good state we need your help. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Why not think of becoming a “Friend of the Lady Chapel”? For more information on this, visit ladychapel.org.uk/friends/ or just type “Friends of the Lady Chapel” into your search engine. 

I hope we are able to meet at either or both of these events and I look forward to being with you.

Yours in blessed hope,


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