Father Bill Serplus on his coastal walk
Father Bill’s Walk For Water

FATHER BILL SURPLUS has been enjoying the beauty of York at dawn – all for a very good cause…

A chance phone call and a mention of CAFOD’s Walk for Water campaign was enough to immediately get me onto the website and register to do 10,000 steps a day during Lent.

I was suffering from the after-effects of a recent bout of gout so I saw it as a way to recover and build strength and stability back into my feet and ankles, as well, of course, to raise money to build facilities for communities to source water locally rather than walk for miles each day.

At this halfway stage an early morning walk has now become the norm and it has been wonderful to wander around an empty, and mostly quiet, York, discovering new parts I have not been to before.

A morning view on Father Bill's Walk for Water
A morning view on Father Bill’s Walk for Water

Also setting off in the dark and finishing in the light of a new day has been refreshing and often with stunning sunrises.

The after-effects of the gout have stayed with me but what keeps me going is the knowledge that many people around the world do not have a choice but have to walk long distances each day for water regardless of personal pain and suffering.

Please support CAFOD in their endeavour to bring water to communities, families and individuals allowing them more time to build a new future.

You can find out more about how you can support CAFOD in our diocese here.

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