Helping Us Celebrate Holy Week At Home

Bishop Terry is encouraging Catholics to use symbols of greenery, a crucifix, a candle and some spring flowers to help them mark this year’s Holy Week services.

The suggestion follows an initiative that has gathered pace in recent days as the faithful prepare for being unable to celebrate the liturgies in the usual way because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s what Bishop Terry says you could do to present simple outward signs to help us to remember the inward reality of the things we are commemorating and celebrating.

Palm Sunday (10am): “If you have a privet in the garden or a little tree somewhere or any greenery nearby, take a little piece of branch and bring it to our and we’ll ask God’s blessing on them in your own home.”

Good Friday (3pm): “You won’t be able to kiss the cross in the cathedral, but you can venerate a cross or crucifix that you have in your own home and also display it in your window.”

Easter Vigil (3pm): “Place a candle it in your window and light it as the sun sets on Saturday evening to represent the Risen Light of Christ.”

Easter Sunday (10am): “Display some spring flowers in your window to represent the Resurrection.”

Bishop Terry says we will especially remember in our prayers all those who should have been baptised at the vigil and have now had their reception into the Church postponed.


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