Jul, 2021
Lourdes Returns For 2022!

The organisers are asking for registrations of interest for the 2022 Diocese of Middlesbrough Pilgrimage to Lourdes, which is now being planned.

“It is important for us in these early planning stages that we get a feel for numbers who would be interested in travelling with us to Lourdes,” said pilgrimage director Keith Tillotson.

“This includes Hospitalité helpers, supported pilgrims and everyone who wishes to visit the shrine as part of the pilgrimage.”

The pilgrimage is initially planned for Friday May 27 to Friday June 3, but this could be subject to change as we proceed into full planning.

Anyone who may be interested in travelling to Lourdes for our 2022 pilgrimage is asked to get in touch to register their interest. 

Supported pilgrims: headofhospitalite@rcdmidd.org.uk

Brancardiers: headbrancardier@rcdmidd.org.uk

Handmaids: headhandmaid@rcdmidd.org.uk

Nurses/doctors: doctor@rcdmidd.org.uk or headnurse@rcdmidd.org.uk

Musicians:  thelombards@hotmail.com

Pilgrims: pilgrimagedirector@rcdmidd.org.uk

Alternatively, write to Lourdes Pilgrimage Director, Curial Office, 50a The Avenue,

Middlesbrough TS5 6QT.

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