St Wilfrid's teacher Dan Jones gets hit with a custard pie
Jul, 2020
St Wilfrid’s Children Follow In Patron’s Footsteps

Children at St Wilfrid’s Primary School in York followed in their patron’s footsteps to rise to a challenge set by their teacher as part of their home-schooling.

Year 4/5 teacher Dan Jones was inspired by St Wilfrid, who walked the 6,000 miles from York to Rome three times.

He came up with a plan whereby 30 minutes of physical activity contributed two miles to a running total. Children posted their miles every week and Mr Jones put together weekly video updates to keep them motivated.

As a further incentive, he offered to do a forfeit each time the children reached Rome, being soaked by a hosepipe, hit in the face by custard pies and finally teaching for a day dressed as fearsome headteacher Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

“The challenge has been great fun and has helped keep the children motivated,” said Mr Jones. “It’s took us eight weeks, but it was worth all the effort.

“We always say at St Wilfrid’s that active children are more engaged and ready to learn, and this has proved to be the case here.”

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