COVID 19 awareness workshop with faith leaders in Sierra Leone
Take Part In CAFOD’s Summer of Hope

CAFOD has launched a summer fundraising offer for children, young people, families, parishes and the wider Catholic community as part of the Coronavirus appeal.

You and your family are invited to be part of a Summer of Hope to ensure clean water and food reaches some of the poorest families in the world during this global emergency.

Recreate at home the events you will miss this summer and have fun transforming them into a sign of hope through raising money for CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal.

School sports day cancelled? Hold one in your back garden!

Summer fayre postponed? Play guess-the-sweets-in the-jar or treasure hunt online!

“All it takes is one good person to restore hope!” (Laudato Si’ #71)

Missing out on a summer BBQ? Get together on Zoom and share your cooking tips!

It could include virtual competitions such as baking a cake, painting a picture, make a model. Family and friends pay to enter by sending a photo – if not in same household, they could be on their social media platforms.

However you celebrate the summer, make it hopeful. And give what you can to help us to provide care and sanitation to the vulnerable across the world who need it the most.

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