Working together to leave a better world

We invite every parish in our diocese to send a group to a special event to look at how we can all play our part in fighting climate change.
“Don’t just pray – do something, for God’s sake! What can we do to leave a better world for future generations?” is the title of this full-day meeting, a collaboration between member agencies of the Caritas Middlesbrough Network.
Wide-ranging and pressing issues related to climate change have once again sprung to the forefront during the summer months.
The displacement of people because of wildfires in some places and record levels of rainfall in others, resulting in floods.
There’s not a day that goes by when we don’t hear about some catastrophic or semi-catastrophic event linked to our changing climate.
This can all seem daunting and disempowering. We may ask ourselves, “What difference can I make?” or “What difference can we make in our parish?”
But we know the clock is ticking and we need to change the way we order our lives, the sooner the better!
Your actions, choices and decisions can make a difference. We won’t spend time going over old ground. The aim is to learn from each other, what we are doing and what we can do about climate change.
Sister Margaret Atkins, of the Canonesses of St Augustin, will speak to us about Laudato Si’ and its links to Catholic Social Teaching.
Glenn Melvin, our diocesan environmental lead, will speak about his work seeking to lower the carbon footprint of our churches and parish buildings across the diocese. He will help us understand how best he can support us in taking this work forward.
We will hear from people who are already doing something either as individuals or as a parish.
The event is all about what we can do. If you are interested, challenged or just curious, come and join us and encourage some others in your parish to come along. You can then take back what you have learnt and find ways of putting it into practice.
The event takes place at English Martyrs Parish Hall, Dalton Terrace, York, on Saturday September 30 from 9.30am to 3pm.
For further information or to sign up, email or call 01642 850505, extension 241.

David Cross
Adult Formation Co-ordinator

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